INTELLIGENTLY -- or don't vote at all.
       Republicans declared war on the U.S. in 1981

2011 Civil War in America Rages On

The difference between a civil war and the fight for political control of a country, is that in a civil war people are killed.  The latest Republican attack is called HR 1.

If HR 1 succeeds, people will freeze to death in their homes when funds for home heating is cut, and others will die in fires as funds for firefighting will be cut drastically. There will be a huge increase in lawlessness, violence and deaths as 15,000 cops are laid off.

More women will die from different types of cancer, and people will go untreated and die from numerous diseases.

Republicans are complaining about abortion, but will be denying family planning, and medical care for low-income children. Children’s lives will be in danger because they’ll have to be left alone most of the time, and special education children will lose out too.

It’s a huge list of cuts, and many of the ideas are pure stupidity. Airports would be shut down one day a month. There are cuts which will affect small businesses, deceptive business practices, fraud, etc. Some are scary, like cuts in national security and a drug task force.

Republicans who have been railing at Obama about jobs, are cutting a huge number of jobs with this bill, as well as job training. Details of the bill can be found at or .

Those Americans who have been fighting Republican and Tea Party attacks know that it takes more than trusting politicians to get the job done. The longer people wait to join the fight, the harder it will be because the damage is adding up. Millions of poor and homeless people, who tend to be liberals, are often too busy trying to survive to pay attention to politics and often don’t take time to vote. They’re so worried and tired, they tend to ignore crimes committed by Republican leaders.

For the past 3 decades, they’ve been demanding more and more tax breaks for the wealthy to create jobs, but where are the jobs? The money keeps going to feed insatiable Republican greed.

That leads to a bigger problem, and GW Bush is the best example of that. When you have wealthy idiots who can buy power, the result is disaster. They buy their way into colleges and universities, displacing the brilliant poor who are the hope for our future.

What kind of people want these attacks on the lives and health of human beings? Don’t Republican/Tea Party voters see that they’re next?

No, they really don’t think that far ahead, or blindly trust Republican leaders. Most just see the immediate victories and want the superiority of being right.

Republican speakers, both in the House and at the CPAC convention have complained endlessly about Democrats.

They keep saying they’re concerned now about the deficit because of their children, but they sure weren’t concerned about their children’s debt, or the children who lost parents who were slaughtered when Bush was invading Iraq. The cost of the war in Iraq is growing and is approaching $800 trillion, according to . Much of that is a financial scam, waste, and outrageous amounts of money paid to private companies.

They ranted about standing up to extremists, but it was Republicans who abandoned Afghanistan and the search for Osama bin Laden after 9-11.

The mystery is, why are Republicans waging this civil war? Is it just because there’s no end to greed? The real motive is much more ominous, and that the American people need to be scared. Read more at








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