INTELLIGENTLY -- or don't vote at all.
       Republicans declared war on the U.S. in 1981

When one faction aggressively fights for total control of a country, violating the country's constitution and killing those who disagree with their ideology,  then it’s a civil war.    In the U.S. that war hasn't become a bloody fight yet because liberals aren't fighting back, but the longer they wait, the worse it will be for them.   (Budget Crisis = Attacks, page 3)

It wasn’t the Chinese who demanded that we take jobs away from American workers to support China.
It wasn’t the Soviets who forced us to weaken our country internally.
The Mexican government didn’t send forces across the border, order Reagan and others to grant them amnesty, and order American employers to hire their people so the money could flow back to Mexico.
The Saudis didn’t demand that we stop going after Osama and encourage the growth of terrorism in Iraq, and a permanent presence in Afghanistan.
Terrorists didn’t break into the Capitol and order our leaders to pass laws that betray us all (Patriot Act, NDAA, etc.) and eliminate safeguards that Democrats put in place to protect us, to create a Reublican Recession. 
We would have seen any of those events as an act of war or at least an act of aggression, and the American people would have fought together for survival.

No, it was Republican legislators and presidents (Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush) who betrayed the government of the United States and its people.  No terrorist could do as much damage to the United States as Republican leaders have done.   At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union could never have dreamed of bringing the U.S. down through internal treason.
Russia, China, some Middle East countries, and our other enemies know that all they have to do is just sit and wait while we self-destruct.
Republicans have traditionally been obsessively paranoid about communism around the world, but it was Republican Joseph McCarthy, with Nixon, who broke laws to conduct a witch hunt.  They created paranoia in the USA, destroying ordinary people who had done nothing wrong.


In 1980, the Republican Party began using God to get their candidate, Ronald Reagan, elected.   Commander-in-Chief Ronald Reagan then declared war on America's poor, ending LBJ's War on Poverty.  God's president created the homeless crisis, which has taken over a million lives, with his 'trickle'down' economics of greed.   That idea was never suppposed to succeed.    It was just an excuse to give Republicans time to destroy as many poor liberals as possible.

A. Divide and Conquer by Class

1.  Attack the poor and begin to weaken the middle class in the 1980's.   
Institute policies, such as legislation that sends jobs overseas and bringing in illegal immigrants, to destroy jobs and create a homeless crisis. 
Institute 'welfare reform' so the jobless will become homeless, otherwise taxpayers might fight back.    Use propaganda to convince the masses that the poor are to blame.
Spend a lot of time and money on propaganda to keep Republicans in power.   Convince the dumbest people to vote for the wealthy, and against the financial survival of their own families.
Change laws to let companies the Fed approves of become larger and eliminate the competition.

2.  Attack more of the middle class in the 1990's.   Continue to cut jobs, forcing more companies and individuals to go bankrupt.

3.  Continue to devastate the middle class and poor in the 2000's.   Physically attack those who protest, and sabotage their movement from within by convincing them to focus on a large number of problems so they don't expose the Federal Reserve.
4.  Continue the agenda in the 2010's, and accuse the liberal enemy of starting a civil war when they begin to fight back.    Continue to financially squeeze individuals and companies into submission. 

B.  Pit Republicans against liberals, using massive amounts of propaganda.

1.  Convince Republican voters that liberals are destroying the country, pointing out every mistake made by liberals, so conservatives will answer criticism of Republican crimes by changing the subject. 
(Note:  In late 2011, Republicans started accusing Democrats of starting a class war, like the one they started in 1981.)

2.  Keep publishing statements that describe the homeless as drug addicts and alcoholics, to counter any public sympathy.  Control of the major media will not give a voice to those who point out that it’s impossible for hundreds of thousands of people to suddenly become alcoholics and drug addicts at the same time.   Continue to deny the homeless the right to create 'Reaganvilles', etc. because the public ignores what they don't see, and the homeless would survive longer with social interaction.
(Note:  Now that the homeless are joining with Wall St. protesters, politicians who have ignored all crimes committed against the homeless, are now using any crime committed against any homeless person as an excuse to end the Occupy camps.)

3.  Push the line that illegal immigrants are doing the jobs that lower class Americans don’t want.  Ignore questions about why this is suddenly a nationwide problem, and why those granted amnesty are no longer doing those jobs either, and have taken jobs from the middle class in construction, etc.

C.  Turn Americans against their young.

1.  Convince parents that they will be prosecuted for spanking, etc. which will create generations of young that are spoiled and hated by the public, so they won't object when the young are forced into the military or labor camps.

2.  Force welfare parents to leave children alone to become victims of crimes and drugs.    Distribute propaganda that convinces the public that welfare recipients don’t work because they’re lazy, so taxpayers won’t object to paying more for workfare and child care than it costs to keep them on welfare as full-time parents. 

3.  Use financial pressure to force middle class mothers to get jobs so their kids will be more likely to get into trouble.

4.  Pass laws that violate parental rights, using the assumption that parents are likely to be abusive.    Give children legal rights that prevent parental discipline and teaching.

5.  Force 'dumbing-down' in all schools, but use propaganda to make it appear that Republicans are trying to help students.

6.  Force the young to join the military as a result of loss of jobs.   Use propaganda to get parents to tell their children they should join, and convince the public the right thing to do, in support of the government's illegal wars.    That will also help convince the troops, who know how corrupt those wars are, that it's useless to speak out.

D.  Use the corrupt legal and political systems to write laws that legalize the crimes of the wealthy.

1.  Make it illegal for the public to record illegal activities and crimes in private conversations, in court rooms, etc.
            (so those in power aren't prosecuted for their crimes and to encourage crime).  
      Increase government surveillance of the masses whether there's any indication of criminal activity or not, including private

2.   Legalize and increase corporate welfare, tax breaks and subsidies for the rich, the Pentagon budget for illegal wars, etc.

3.   Continue to threaten and intimidate the masses using police and troops, to teach them obedience to authority, without
       Exploit America's new generations of undisciplined youngThreaten parents who spank their children, producing generations
             of undisciplined kids who will be so hated that the public will approve of them being forced into the military to fight
             unpopular wars, and fire on American protesters.

4.   Eliminate laws protecting homeowners, write millions of deceptive and fraudulent loans which will help sabotage the economy.  
       Institute a real estate collapse near the end of the term of the Republican president, then throw the next election so that
             Democrats are elected to take the blame. Then feed the rage of conservative voters to put Republicans in power in 2012.

5.  Pass laws making it illegal for the homeless to create 'Reaganvilles', etc. forcing them to stay out of sight and alone, so the media
             can't take pictures, making it easier for the public to ignore the situation, and causing the homeless to die faster.
      Keep the numbers of those who have died from the effects of homelessness and poverty from the public.

6.    Pass more laws that attack the environment, the poor, the handicapped, etc. so liberals will be too divided to fight back. 

E.  Put liberals on the defensive.

1.   Continue to increase the national debt, then use the debt as an excuse to cut programs and increase the number of homeless. 
     Publicly claim that it's being done so Obama will lose the 2012 election, so the public won't figure out that it's just part of the
            ongoing war plans.

2.   Blame liberals for everything, using propaganda and lies.    Accuse them of starting a civil war.    Accuse them of failing to bring
            the country back from the 2008 Recession even though they're working every day to sabotage a recovery. 

E.  Dealing with a revolt by the masses

1.  Completely dominate the population by controlling jobs, housing, and food.  

2. Continue to drive the country deeper into debt, turning the recession into the worst depression in America’s history, and threatening that it will get much worse if people protest. 

3. Use police forces and the military to maintain total control over all people, eliminating everyone who voices any objection.  Troops are trained to obey orders to fight against their own families and neighbors.  This is critical.  Without this one element, the entire war will be lost.

F.  Political agenda

1.  Do as much damage as possible while Bush is the president, then throw the 2008 presidential election to Democrats who have no choice to but create more social programs to deal with the catastrophy. 

2.  Work to convince voters that the deficit is America's biggest problem, and blame Obama.   Use extreme right-wing candidates who will provide simple answers to complex problems, then will steer their supporters toward the Republican presidential candidate before the election.
3.  After Republicans win the 2012 elections, work with wealthy bankers who will offer to bail America out of disaster in exchange for destroying the Bill of Rights.  

4.  Control housing, jobs, and food which are only available to those who obey without question.  Use bacterial warfare to reduce the world’s population.

                                                                                      The Enemy Within

Tea Party and Republican voters just don’t understand what Republican leaders are doing right in front of them, and believe that liberals are the enemy.
These are people who feel like victims, have probably been ignored by most people, and now suddenly they are changing America.
It’s public knowledge that we have record numbers of extremely rich and homeless as a direct result of Republican actions, yet they never get it.
It’s Republicans who have been rabid about how dangerous communism is to America’s survival, yet they never complained when Nixon sent their jobs to China.
They have been hysterical about the national debt during Obama’s presidency, but never complained when Bush started two wars, repeatedly gave tax cuts to the rich, etc.
They keep bragging about Abraham Lincoln being a Republican, but they’re so ignorant of political ideals that they can’t even figure out that they’re bragging about a liberal.
They never comprehend that the Party has no basic goal except to funnel money and power to the top 1%.

Tea Party and Republican Party members are traitors. They are always loyal to their parties, not the USA.
Their motives and actions are treason, and based on hatred of those who are not party members.   By voting for, and financing, Republicanism, they have declared themselves to be enemies of the state.
The Tea Party is a disgrace to those patriots who hosted the original tea party who were against an excessive amount of their money going to the wealthy, and were not trying to destroy England. These fools are doing just the opposite, voting for money to go TO the wealthy (Bush Tax Cuts), and cheer when they hear that their treason is destroying their own country.

Warning:  Ron Paul is dangerous
.  His extreme agenda is farther to the Right than the Tea Party, and will lead to a bloody civil war.  His own voters will turn against him once they finally comprehend what he really stands for.   America needs radical change made by rational leaders, not radicals for the sake of extremism.

                                                                     How To Win The Republican Civil War

1.  Advertise this website on the internet, at protests, and tell everyone, so they can learn how to fight back.

2.  Know what your rights are and advertise that to everyone.   Get used to saying no to everything the government or big business tells you which you don't believe you should do.  If you're right, they have to back down.  If they pass illegal laws, sue.

3.  Know your enemy.   The Fed is a private entity which illegally profits from printing our money, and manipulates our economy for their profit.   They control the government and can use the police and military troops against us, but there are so many of us that they do fear what we could do if we worked together.

4.  Know what they want.  Expose their mistakes.   Educate the public.  The public must be told that we need to End the Fed and why THEY are in danger. 

1.  The Fed created the foreclosure crisis, will continue to sabotage our recovery, is still agressively foreclosuring on homes, and those policies will continue.  The public must be told that they're in serious danger of losing their homes and jobs too.   We have to work fast because every time a family becomes homeless, we've lost troops who could have fought back in many ways.
Target the middle class which is being targeted by the Fed.  Many responded by moving their money out of federal banks, and are willing to do more, if they have good reasons.  The rest of America needs to know why they should move their money too.   A large show of force will help avoid violent conflicts because cops will hesitate to attack middle class taxpayers and the wealthy.  

2.  Those 12 banks in the Fed created this Recession, which eliminated some of their bank competitors.   Credit unions, community banks, and state banks need to know that the Fed soon go after them too, perhaps by having Congress pass more bad laws.

3.  Republican legislators pushed for cutbacks in law enforcement across the U.S., so those bad cops who are attacking protesters in New York, Oakland, Chicago, etc. need to be told that they're working for their enemy.  Notice how those cops are respectful of the worst violent criminals they arrest, but viciously attack unarmed protesters.   It's about Republican cops hating liberal protesters.  Police and military troops must be made to understand that they must be loyal to the country, not the traitors at the top.  Their patriotism will be the difference between success and failure.   They need to unite by taking the Oath (below). 

4.  Wall St. Protesters must focus on ending the Fed.   All other demands are just problems created by the Fed to keep the American people from focusing on the heart of the treason.   As legislators see more and more people demanding this, they will eliminate the Fed, and the Justice Dept. will respond by prosecuting members of the Fed.

5.  Work only with the news media that isn't critical of the War, the Wall St. protests, or Occupy camps.

6.  Openly criticize politicians who have ignored crimes committed against the homeless, except to use the few crimes in Occupy camps as an excuse to shut them down.  Expose the fact that they're not ordering cops to bust meth labs, making appearances in high crime areas, etc. because they're busy targeting protesters.   Good cops and military troops will refuse to obey illegal orders.

7.    We need to at least threaten to replace the Commander in Chief in 2011, with a liberal.  Then, in 2012 liberals must unite behind one candidate.
Obama's not that dumb, so is he preparing to deliberately lose next year?  There is strong evidence that some presidents are obeying a secret government.  If so, we need a president who is a real independent.   We lost the '2010 election battle' to the Tea Party because of Obama's arrogance and ignorance.  His refusal to focus on jobs instead of a corrupt healthcare plan, while ignoring voter outrage, gave the Tea Party power, which gave Republicans control of the House (see Attacks).  
Dennis Kucinich has been fighting against the enemy for years.  He tried to impeach Bush and Cheney, has tried to have them held accountable for the War in Iraq, and voted against the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act.  He co-sponsored a universal single-payer public health-insurance plan in 2003, and said he will fight to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.   Unfortunately, he's dead wrong about bombing Libya and Mexican illegals.
Kucinich  - 2007 presidential debate -
                 - on the issues:    
                 - the bailout:
                 - Patriot Act: 
                 - domestic programs:
Contact Kucinich:
Sign his petition for healthcare:

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is a great example, proving that Independents can be the best congressmen because they're not obligated to follow party lines.  Sanders's letter to Obama is something everyone should sign to protest criminal Republican cuts (

8.  The American people must vote out, and impeach, all Republicans, and demand that:
America's wealthy must be forced to pay civil war reparations to their victims, and must pay the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were started by their president.   The easiest answer is a war tax based on the gross income of everyone earning over $100,000 per year since 1981, with the wealthiest paying the highest percentage. 
The ONLY WAY to achieve justice, to prevent it from happening again, is to punish those who have committed treason against the United States, and political genocide against the people (homelessness).  Their victims, and decendants, will be damaged for generations.  Those responsible must be executed for their crimes against humanity in the premature deaths of the homeless, suicides, etc.

                                                 Oath Keepers:  

Like these loyal Americans, be loyal to the country, not to political leaders.  Make sure those in your areas have taken this oath.   If not, it's because they're ready to see you as the enemy.   We all need to contact those who have taken this oath, letting them know we stand with them.  
"Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey
Recognizing that we each swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming that we are guardians of the Republic, of the principles in our Declaration of Independence, and of the rights of our people, we affirm and declare the following:
1. We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.
2. We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects - such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.
3. We will NOT obey any order to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal.
6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.
7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext."

The Troops who paid the ultimate price.
If you know someone who was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, have the decency to honor their sacrifice by holding their killers accountable, and by warning other people not to make the same mistake.
It's bad enough when the government creates a recession that forces desperate people to join the military, then forces them to die in one corrupt war after another, but they should never willingly sacrifice their lives because their parents told them lies. The worst thing those parents can do is to perpetuate the lies, sending other people's sons and daughters to death too.

The reason for the Republican Civil War is clear. 
Republicans were unpopular during the 1960s and 1970s, partly because intelligent voters remembered the damage done to democracy by Republican Senator McCarthy.
So, top Republican leaders, our secret government, devised a plan to take control of the United States and change it so that they’d maintain control no matter who was elected. They’d never have to rely on a steady stream of propaganda to get elected.

Get Ready for War Against Mexico 
Our presidents (Reagan and Bush) and Republican legislators, created serious animosity between the U.S. and Mexico.
The two countries used to get along, but because of the Mexican illegals, there is now resentment and anger on both sides.  
So, expect armed conflicts and many more deaths than we have now, as desperate Americans try to preserve their country, save their jobs, and attack corruption.
If they really wanted to attack corruption, they’d attack Republicans first, forcing legislators to end the invasion, but they won’t.  
 If we don't get control of congress soon, we'll lose all power, because political traitors aren't sitting around doing nothing.

                                                      The Republican New World Order

Every time George HW Bush gave a speech promoting the New World Order, he spoke in the most compassionate voice, like a father lovingly guiding his children into a better world.   
The NWO is treason.   It puts an end to the U.S. as we know it.   It destroys the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.   It makes the USA, and every other country on earth, states within a one-world government.   
Some Republican politicians falsely claim that they'd end the 'secret government' (the Federal Reserve), but nobody dare to stand up to the Federal Reserve stockholders.   Every time Congress tries to audit the Fed, Bernanke threatens to economically destroy the entire country.

Their New World Order couldn't happen when the U.S. was a strong democracy, and the people could have fought back.  
The Republican plan has been to destroy the national economy, and the middle class, so the American people will be weak and desperate.

Once the NWO is in place, it will be as if Hitler was able to take over the world because there were no Allies.
If the entire world is one country, then there is no one to rescue the world from the abuse of power which always results.
President Bush Jr. took us a giant step closer to the NWO when he allowed banking fraud to sabotage and weaken the economies of countries all around the world.  He could have signed an Executive Order to stop it, but deliberately didn't because he follows in his father and grandfather's footsteps.

Expect Americans to attack each other for survival, but they'll remain too cowardly to fight the traitors to the very end.
Expect a military presence, to silence critics, but allegedly to keep the peace.
Expect to lose your freedom of speech and internet access.   Topix is our best access to free speech but it will be lost too, so take full advantage of it while you can. 
Expect violence everywhere as the U.S. becomes a police state.   Eventually it will become a bloody war, as some try to take back the country, but they will lose.    The young will pay in blood for their parents' and grandparents' cowardice.    They're too afraid to even march in  peaceful protests. 

The New World Order will eventually fail, and all those powerful, wealthy parasites will be killed, but not before they've murdered most of the world's people.    We now know that one of their goals is to eliminate 85% of the world's population, but if that's what they make public, then the real figure must be far greater.    It will certainly include most of those who now support the plan.


Note:  The Republican Civil War began in 1980 when Protestant churches joined forces with the Republican Party to get Reagan elected, but war was not officially declared until Reagan took office in 1981.


Collateral murder
in Baghdad :
That valuable information may have been provided by
Bradley Manning.
What are you doing to help him, to thank him for giving you this valuable information?
Demand that he be tried in a civilian court,
since the military has been persecuting him since his arrest, and before there were any charges against him.

                                                               Military Draft information     
      Before you join,think.         
   Who are you defending?       
 The Elite = rich Republicans 
w                                   li             y    www.militarydraft.infoa   

             Join forces or fail.
            Intelligent Liberals 
       has been trying to unite
          liberals for decades.


Privacy Harbor email appears to be a scam.
So, if you emailed and never got a response, Privacy Harbor is to blame. 

              The N W O:
What Republican leaders are really saying to their voters: 
"Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly."


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