INTELLIGENTLY -- or don't vote at all.
       Republicans declared war on the U.S. in 1981
Republican attacks against the American people, and liberals attempting to exercise their rights.
                                                                Budget Crisis
House Republicans applauded on 4/5 when Boehner said the govenment might shut down --to please Tea Party fanatics. 
Republicans caused this financial crisis so they'd have an excuse to attack the poor and middle classes, but Democrats are on the front lines in Congress, fighting to keep Republicans from killing more liberals.
If Republican liars really cared about the deficit, they'd give up the tax cuts for the wealthy and take responsibility for the debt they created. 
The focus should be on helping war victims survive, not the deficit right now.  We can't fix both at the same time, and human life is more important than money, to liberals.

June 14    C-SPAN
Location (minutes):        Legislators:
7:          Himes - derivatives
11:        Lee - against speculators
15:       Edwards - Medicare
19:       Ellison - speculators
37:       McGovern - Republicans are pro-hunger for the world
1:22     Doggett - WIC
1:30     Capps - benefits of WIC
1:31     Blumenauer - urges bipartisan support
1:43    Owens - aid for war veterans
3:04    Cohen - rich aren’t tightening their belts
3:08    Garamond - difference in values between the 2 parties
3:12    Noem - Republican values money
3:14    Johnson - our moral duty is to feed the poor
3:29    DeLauro - values, don’t cut food, cut tax subsidies for rich
3:41    Farr - our priorities
3:44    DeLauro - results of cuts
3:49    McGovern - cuts will be expensive
4:05   Kingston ( R) blames the poor, they’re ignorant, wants cuts for efficiency.
4:07   McGovern replies

June 15
22 - Yarmuth - Republican censorship  
1:22 and 1:30 to 1:39- money for Food for Peace program - food or war
4:11 to 4:14   DeLauro - What are we doing? 

36:      Foxx criticizes Democrats for starting a war.
53:      Woolsey - school means may be the only decent meals kids get. 
            Republicans are trying to block
1:30 to 1:36  DeFazio - our failed trade policy - withdraw from the WTO
2:34   Lee - limited access to food in the U.S.
3:02   Himes - save billions & restrict subsidies to big farmers

                                                                       HR 1

Some Democratic legislators have been on the front lines in fighting Republicans, and this resolution, in which they commit legal murder against the poor, and contine their long struggle to destroy the middle class.

February 14, day 1 -

AM SESSION                             House of Representatives                    February 15, 2011
said the corporate tax rate is the lowest since 1950 & Republicans added another $800 billion to the deficit with tax cuts.   This rewards the rich and guts initiatives to the lower class, cuts jobs, threatens innovation, has devastating cuts to education, (Head Start) cuts $1.6 billion in job training, $120 million in cuts in youth training, cuts 25,000 jobs to rebuild America, cuts 1330 cops, 2400 firefighters, etc.


- criticized the Republicans'  Bush tax cuts in time of surplus continuing in this time of record deficits.  
- that Republicans want to borrow money and say it doesn’t count. Now we’re borrowing almost half of our debt and we can't get there simply by cutting
- we maintain tax loopholes for companies that don’t pay taxes, except to other countries -- Republicans are against cutting those tax increases.
- Republicans want to save 1/2 of a penny per day that would go to public television, the only voice of locally owned & controlled content, that tries to teach kids, not just sell them something, and provides non-partison information.

- it will add 5 trillion to the deficit.  Republicans have no serious plan for addressing the deficit.  They want to cut over 200,000 kids out of Head Start, thousands teachers lose jobs, students lose $800 from Pell Grants, 20,000 fewer researches for science,  reduction in science research, cuts in National institutes of health (includes cancer research), rescind money already awarded for high speed rail (cuts 25,000 construction jobs & 76 projects), cuts money for air traffic control system, 1300 fewer cops, 2400 fewer firefighters, etc. 

Republicans have been in control of congress for six weeks and still haven't produced one jobs bill.  They spent 10 hours discussing congressional oversight, something they already do.  
- Republicans had no time to bring forward jobs agenda, but did find time to bring forth an anti-woman agenda. Title 10 - eliminates family planning to millions, over 5 million get basic primary & preventative health care, in ’09 2.2million pap tests, 2.3million breast exams, 6million tests for STDs, and information for avoiding STDs.
- family planning reduces abortion 
- HR1 doesn’t cut the deficit
- Title 10 saves tax dollars - every dollar invested saves $3.74 Medicaid for state and federal governments.


Republican Woodall bragged about their open rule.

- American people don’t want to cripple the country. China & India are investing in their countries, pouring money into the same programs Republicans. are trying to cut.
- The Republican Party talked about an open rule, but have been deceptive and gave examples, & that it's an open rule in name only.

Republican Woodall said it could be easy for them to say they weren't at fault, that they  inherited from last year's congress...

Republican Kingston said it's reckless to call their cuts slash & burn, as they only amount to 2.6%

- today Boehner said, if jobs are lost as a result of Republican cuts, so be it.
 - they want to eliminate $75 million in housing vouchers for homeless vets.

 - he tried to use the open rule yesterday, about giveaways to big oil companies but they wouldn't allow it, so it's not open.

- proposed an open rule amendment:  Get rid of tax incentives for oil companies, use $4 billion a year tax breaks to oil companies (one CEO said they don't even need them), use 80% of that to reduce the deficit, and the remaining 20% for homeless veterans.  (16% of the homeless are vets).



                                                                HR 830    
Democrats fight to save the program that will help save homes that have underwater mortgages.  Those mortgages are now higher than the value of the home.  Democrats fought to give bankers the ability to discount the loans, etc.
Listen to the inspiring speeches from Democrats fighting on the front lines of this battle.

             Battle of the
       Wall St. Protesters
The battle is largely seen as a liberal fight, although some Republicans have joined in.
The battle is being fought in an increasing number of places.  Some locations have become armed conflicts as government troops, loyal to conservativism, attempt to squash the constitutional rights of liberal forces.
Republicans have largely supported police attacks against the protesters, in support of government corruption.
Those police who do attack protesters are ignoring the battles earlier in 2011, in which Republicans cut police jobs.
Those two groups are literally fighting for the Republican leaders who are attacking them.
This can only be based on fear and ignorance.
 Email:  republicancivilwar@

                                                                          ObamaCare  Complaints                                                                                                                                         

 Military Draft information 
 Before you join, think.         
 Who are you defending?     
 Wealthy Republicans?

 How to survive this war, how to          
  solve the illegal Mexican problem,   
  and how to  compensate Republican
  Civil War victims.                                     

     Republican propaganda

 America's legal system is the
 most  sophisticated form of
 organized crime in our
 history.    Help clean up   the




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